Java 6.0 (MUSTANG) jumps the shark

Am I the only one that thinks that Sun has completely lost its mind and jumped the shark? Is Graham Hamilton still making these decisions? First they stick a JavaScript interpreter inside the VM and then they add an http server on top of that and now they want to stick a database inside the VM – WTF? Why don’t we stick a whole IDE in there? Oh wait. They do that already. Try to download the JDK and if you’re not paying attention, you’re likely to get NetBeans rammed down your throat. Nothing against NetBeans as it really has improved with stiff competition from Eclipse but I just want the f***ing JDK and NOT Glassfish, NetBeans, Derby, Rhino and any other piece of crap they can shove in there before Mustang goes GA. And then people are wondering why people are running to Ruby and PHP and other languages? Give me a break.

I though Jonathan Schwartz would finally take the company in the right direction after they jettisoned that moron Scott McNealy but seems like nothing has really changed at Sun.

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