Daily del.icio.us for Oct 14, 2006


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  1. Hello, I just got my Toshiba Tecra M4 SP645 Tablet PC to work under Ubuntu 6.

    The tablet input works; I can’t get the secondary button present in the pen to work though. I’ll try to investigate.
    So far I know of now “virtual ink” apps. I will also look that up.

    To get the tablet working under Ubuntu 6 (”Dapper Drake”), all I had to do was editing the xorg.conf file and changing all the

    Option “Device” “/dev/wacom”

    lines to:

    Option “Device” “/dev/ttyS4″

    Hope this helps, since the link up there seems to be broken.

    PS: Sorry for being a crossposter, but the blog entry in which I posted originally seemed a bit old.
    I never got to know whether you got the M7 tablet, though, but it should work as well..
    If it doesn’t, try viewing which /dev entry the wacom device is attached, in the Ubuntu Device Manager (or something like that — as I use it in Spanish, I’m not sure what is its proper name in English).



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