Holy Bandwidth – Take 2

Just signed up for something called Road Runner Turbo which is the faster version of Road Runner cable Internet service that is supposed to provide up to 8 Mbps downstream and up to 512 Kbps upstream. And the results don’t disappoint – Here is my bandwidth minutes after the upgrade:

Holy Bandwidth - Taka 2: Bandwidth after Road Runner Turbo

Here is the before speed-test snapshot I had taken a couple of months ago. The download is almost twice as fast and the upload is at least 100K faster and close to 500kbps in other random tests.

Upload/Download Bandwidth at home

PS: Speed Test conducted using the Speakeasy Speed Test flash application.


5 thoughts on “Holy Bandwidth – Take 2

  1. i dont believe this is as fast as business class, which is drastically more expensive. This service used to be known as RR premium and run about 69$ if you have digital cable. Ive had the service for about a year now. Regular rr is 5MB down, premium/turbo is 8 down. Although im hearing standard is about to jump up to 10MB down as of jan 1.. maybe turbo will be 15?


  2. I’ve had Roadrunner Turbo for a week. Although it’s very fast when it’s working (tests show about ~11Mbps download, vs the ~6Mbps I was getting before, it also seems to be “choppy”; i.e., I get random delays when loading web pages. This is something I haven’t experienced before Roadrunner Turbo. I’m going to give it another week or two.


  3. I also upgraded to Roadrunner Turbo as in the ad said up to 15meg down. Which i was only getting 11megs & when i called to complain they had the nerve to tell me i had a router which i don’t so i went back down to standard RR.


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