Vista woes continue

My Vista woes continue as I try and fail to pgrade my Office 2003 installation to Microsoft Office 2007. I tried installing the Enterprise edition of Microsoft Office 2007 and the install fails about 20% into it with the following message:

Error 1310. Error writing to c:config.msi4f8d86e.rbf. Verify that you have access to that directory.

Here are two screen shots of the error that I get every time – For the record, I am the administrator on the box that I am installing this software. I’m really disappointed with this bug as I’ve really enjoyed using the latest version of Office. My other computer is running Office 2007 beta2 with Windows XP and it really works great. I checked the 2007 Office known issues page and I don’t see this bug there and so I’m out of luck for now. My next move is to try uninstalling the previous version of Office and then trying a clean install to see if that makes a difference.

Error while installing the latest version of Microsoft Office for Vista


I’ve gotten a few emails about my earlier Vista upgrade and iTunes is still broken for me. I am not able to play any purchased music from iTunes or Audible even after I validate my username/password combination. I was a little paranoid about this upgrade and so I have several good and complete backups of my XP installation including all my stuff on S3 via JungleDisk, Carbonite and 2 USB drives locally.

I am getting a new computer this week and so I may try a clean and fresh install of Vista to see if the same problems exists or if they are just because I upgraded from XP to Vista.


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  1. Vinny, I am so glad you are doing this. I am not touching vista if you are having problems with it. Hope things are well.


  2. I’m sorry things aren’t working… is it ok that I laughed when I read the part that said “I’ve really enjoyed using the latest version of Office…”


  3. 🙂 hehehehe. But it’s true. The new version of Office is really good, when running on XP 🙂 It really produces clean html that almost validates, generates PDF out of the box and the new ribbon provides a huge improvement from a usability standpoint by grouping ‘like’ functions together.


  4. Hi Vinny,

    I have had the same error with Office 2007 running on XP, when I tried to print a PDF through the acrobat printer from Acrobat 8 I only get blank pages so I tried repairing and uninstalling Acrobat 8 but got the simmilar error ‘1310.error c:config.msi197662b.rbf. Verify that you have access to that directory’…. with no way of verifying I have access and unable to remove or modify Acrobat. This computer is clean, only 3 weeks old.


  5. Your Itunes issue has to do with corrupt .SLT file in the itunes directory
    Delete these files and your problem will go away.
    I forget the path to the files but I beleive there are only two of them in the folder

    I was having the same issue with Itunes on Vista


  6. Hello, have you fixed your problems yet? I jumped through many hoops, and finally got everything running on Vista… For Office 2007, get this, I had to put the office install files on a network share on my 2003 server. The error you were/are getting is definitely permissions based.

    Same goes for Acrobat, and, I think, iTunes — for some reason their temporary files get extracted to a new-to-Vista temporary folder which does not have full permissions. Simply search out the install files in your user profile, and copy them to, say, your desktop, and you should then have sufficient permissions to install them!


  7. I just ran into this problem. I recently installed Copernic and couldn’t back up the Outlook pst file because Copernic had it open. It occurred to me that this 1310 might be caused by the same thing. I exited Copernic, reinstalled Office and it worked fine.


  8. Has anyone came up with an answer for this problem? I have had the same issues randomly when installing software in Vista. Just wondering if there is some type of fix, ect. If we are admins of the box, how can it tell us that the installer doesn’t have permissions to write to this directory. This is one of the only problems I have seen with Vista that truly annoy me.. HELP!


  9. The same error is still in Server 2008 RC. I’ve changed the security permissions but it keeps changing them back. I just set a deny permission on SYSTEM for changing permissions on the folder so I’ll see if that works.


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