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New Theme for this blog: NigaRila

A lot of you read this blog using an RSS reader and so you probably don’t see the theme that adorns this blog but I just switched the theme that powers this blog to the NigaRila theme by Sadish Bala. I have been looking for a great 3-column theme and Sadish has created one of the best looking and usable theme out there.

NigaRila is an awesome theme for WordPress 2.0 that has 3 columns on the Front Page with a fixed width of 900 pixel and 2 columns on all other pages. This theme has two sidebars on the right side. If you have the sidebar widgets plugin installed, then you can use it for both of them. NigaRila is an awesome theme that produces valid XHTML and offers a great deal of functionality. I’ve made a couple of modifications to add support for a few other plugins but most of the functionality you see on my blog is out of the box including the archive and contact page. Sadish wants $15.00 for this theme and I think its well worth the cost.

In addition to NigaRila, Sadish just recently created a new WordPress theme called Intense after learning about my wife’s first cousins son Gavin Winslow. Sadish was moved by Gavin’s story and decided to help by adding a link from his theme to Gavin’s site at www.savebabygavin.com. This has resulted in Gavin’s site getting thousands of visits from people that normally wouldn’t know about Gavin. Thank you Sadish for helping raise awareness about Gavin’s story and bringing additional visibility to his site and creating a great WordPress theme in the process.

Here’s To New Beginnings

New Beginnings are awesome – It’s already been a week at my new job and I am having a blast. After more than 7 years at my old job at Strong and then Wells Fargo (acquisition), it’s great to be doing something different. I love change, especially if it’s the right change for the right reason. I love new challenges and the opportunity to prove yourself all over again and I am getting that in my new position.

I have a lot of great memories from my 7+ years at Strong and then later Wells Fargo, which acquired Strong in January 2005. It was an awesome learning experience and I had the pleasure and privilege of working with an incredible group of people. I miss a lot of people there but it was time for me to move on and I absolutely love my new job. I don’t mean this in a pejorative sense but after working for a large company, it’s great to work for a small company again where you can have an immediate impact. Large companies view risks differently as they have much larger constituencies and tend to be a little more risk averse than a smaller, entrepreneurial company. So here’s to new beginnings, a new year (almost), good health, and world peace. 🙂

How to survive Vista – Kiss UAC goodbye

As I’ve blogged before, the whole idea of User Account Control or UAC has been driving me crazy. Annoying dialog boxes that keep popping up asking for your permission before doing anything is NOT security. I’m sure Microsoft will certify and validate more applications and actions so that these annoying popup dialog boxes will soon go away but I’ve finally had enough and turned them off. This is exactly what I was afraid of – Annoy users with STUPID dialogs and they will disable the security features of your OS. Security should be transparent to the user and NOT in your face, asking users questions that they are not likely to understand.


To disable UAC, navigate to Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> Users Accounts and then select ‘Turn User Account Control on or off’. I’ve turned mine OFF – You should make your own choice.


Vista woes continue

My Vista woes continue as I try and fail to pgrade my Office 2003 installation to Microsoft Office 2007. I tried installing the Enterprise edition of Microsoft Office 2007 and the install fails about 20% into it with the following message:

Error 1310. Error writing to c:config.msi4f8d86e.rbf. Verify that you have access to that directory.

Here are two screen shots of the error that I get every time – For the record, I am the administrator on the box that I am installing this software. I’m really disappointed with this bug as I’ve really enjoyed using the latest version of Office. My other computer is running Office 2007 beta2 with Windows XP and it really works great. I checked the 2007 Office known issues page and I don’t see this bug there and so I’m out of luck for now. My next move is to try uninstalling the previous version of Office and then trying a clean install to see if that makes a difference.

Error while installing the latest version of Microsoft Office for Vista


I’ve gotten a few emails about my earlier Vista upgrade and iTunes is still broken for me. I am not able to play any purchased music from iTunes or Audible even after I validate my username/password combination. I was a little paranoid about this upgrade and so I have several good and complete backups of my XP installation including all my stuff on S3 via JungleDisk, Carbonite and 2 USB drives locally.

I am getting a new computer this week and so I may try a clean and fresh install of Vista to see if the same problems exists or if they are just because I upgraded from XP to Vista.

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