Birthday Tribute to Baby Gavin

Gavin Winslow is beating the odds and is about to celebrate his first birthday. Gavin is my wife’s cousin’s son and he was born on February 23, 2006 with end-stage renal failure, or congenital kidney failure. Gavy was born with only 10-15% function in one of his kidneys, and 0% functions in the other. He was admitted to Children’s hospital of Wisconsin immediately after his birth and started on peritoneal dialysis.

Gavin is a fighter and a tough little guy who is beating the odds every day as he gets ready for his kidney transplant. Gavin’s family and friends have come together and helped raise $95,778.67 (as of 2/15/07) to help offset the cost of Gavin’s transplant and transplant-related expenses. Visit for more details on Gavin’s journey.

Gavin’s mom Jill and my wife Kristin put together this video to celebrate his first birthday. Check it out and visit and donate to help Gavin celebrate many more birthdays.


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