The call that you don’t expect…

My mom called me yesterday from the hospital with some terrible news. My father has suffered a massive heart attack and has passed away. My father was 67 years old and in relatively good health. He had suffered another heart attack 12 years ago but had really turned his life around after that event.

My father was a wonderful man who was loved by everyone that met him. He was the best father my brother or I could have ever asked for…. He was kind, loving and a gentle soul that loved life and always set a wonderful example for my brother and I. My brother and I loved him so much and we are going to miss him so much. Life just won’t seem the same without him and words can’t describe the sadness we all feel. He was a wonderful husband, friend and partner to my mother and they loved each other tremendously.


My dad with my daughter
Dr. Suresh M. Carpenter (1940 – 2007)

Update: (Nov 3, 2007)

Thank you to everyone who has called, written, and emailed with their condolences, thoughts and prayers.  My family and I really appreciate the kind words, prayers, moments of remembrance and the wonderful stories you’ve shared about our father. We are all doing well, given the circumstances but all of the support we’ve received from friends and family has been instrumental in helping us deal with our loss.

A lot of you have asked about sending flowers and while we really appreciate the thought, I think my dad would have preferred a donation to further Parkinson’s research.  My mom suffers from Parkinson and my dad wanted to see a cure for Parkinson in his and her lifetime.  I don’t want anyone to feel compelled to do anything or give anything but if you want to send flowers, we would rather you donate to one of the many wonderful Parkinson’s research and support organization.  I am rather partial to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) and would encourage you to donate to help cure Parkinson’s.


9 thoughts on “The call that you don’t expect…

  1. Sorry to hear about that… Well, no more words since I’m not a native English speaker who do not know how to express my grief. Take care.


  2. Vinny,
    I was very sorry to read about your loss. A very sad day. You and your family are in my thoughts.
    If your father was anything like you, he was indeed a great man.



  3. No words here.
    Just and electronic Hug.
    The picture is wonderful too. So strange to see the next ones get to enjoy what you had your whole life 🙂

    Take care of everyone (your bro too).


  4. Words are not enough to describe how much I miss my Sim. He made me feel so special and I know he loved me as his own child. My life is full of wonderful memories of time spent with Ani and Sim. Just feel low that I won’t have them anymore. Miss U Sim !!


  5. Vinny, I am so sorry to hear… He clearly did an amazing job as father. You, and your family are in our prayers.


  6. Thinking of you all. What a tender picture! We are keeping you all in our prayers and wishing you comfort. Take Care! Love, The Winslows


  7. I was truly blessed to have such a wonderful, giving, caring, and loving father-in-law. There are no words to describe how much Sim meant to all of us and how he will always be a such a special part of our lives. We will miss him every single day.

    I’ll miss so many things about him. His gentle ways, his warm smile, his infectious laugh, his compassion and genuine kindness, and the complete and unselfish way he loved his family. He always made me feel like his daughter with such love and acceptance. And he loved his granddaughter, Katie. No one was more proud of Katie than her “Dada Sim”.

    I know he’s now our angel in heaven watching over all of us.

    I love you Sim, and will miss you forever.



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