Links for December 10th through December 16th


Links for November 30th through December 8th

  • Introduction to Open Source Swift on Linux – In this tutorial, you’ll set up a Linux environment on your Mac, install Swift, and compile and run some basic Swift examples on Linux. Then you’ll take stock of the new bits offered by Apple, and finish off with a look into into the misty crystal ball of time, and guess what this all means for the future.
  • iOS Animations with Auto Layout by @icanzilb – In this presentation from GOTO Conference CPH 2015, Marin shows how to create animations in UIKit with Swift that work with Auto Layout UIs. He looks into using existing constraints in animations, as well as replacing those constraints to create better ani
  • structor – User interface builder for React – Structor is a visual development environment for node.js Web applications with React UI.
  • 4 reasons why microservices resonate – Microservices are the first post-DevOps revolution architecture. – Microservices are the first post-DevOps revolution architecture.
  • Sinatra-like DSL for developing web apps in Swift – Sinatra-like DSL for developing web apps in Swift
  • Android Development with Kotlin – Using Kotlin for Android development has grown in popularity over the last year. Even to those who are not currently using it, the value proposition of the language immediately resonates. There already are a lot of introductory talks to the language and it
  • SPF – A lightweight JS framework for fast navigation and page updates from YouTube – Using progressive enhancement and HTML5, SPF integrates with your site to enable a faster, more fluid user experience by updating just the sections of the page that change during navigation, not the whole page. SPF provides a response format for sending document fragments, a robust system for script and style management, an in-memory cache, on-the-fly processing, and more.
  • Netflix at Velocity 2015: Linux Performance Tools – In this tutorial I summarize traditional and advanced performance tools, including: top, ps, vmstat, iostat, mpstat, free, strace, tcpdump, netstat, nicstat, pidstat, swapon, lsof, sar, ss, iptraf, iotop, slaptop, pcstat, tiptop, rdmsr, lmbench, fio, pchar, perf_events, ftrace, SystemTap, ktap, sysdig, and eBPF; and reference many more. I also include updated tools diagrams for observability, sar, benchmarking, and tuning (including the image above).
  • Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds – In this post, the Netflix Performance Engineering team will show you the first 60 seconds of an optimized performance investigation at the command line, using standard Linux tools you should have available.
  • Microsoft takes wraps off PowerApps mobile-app creation service | ZDNet – Microsoft is opening up a limited preview of its PowerApps service for creating, sharing and managing mobile business apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices.