Birthday Tribute to Baby Gavin

Gavin Winslow is beating the odds and is about to celebrate his first birthday. Gavin is my wife’s cousin’s son and he was born on February 23, 2006 with end-stage renal failure, or congenital kidney failure. Gavy was born with only 10-15% function in one of his kidneys, and 0% functions in the other. He was admitted to Children’s hospital of Wisconsin immediately after his birth and started on peritoneal dialysis.

Gavin is a fighter and a tough little guy who is beating the odds every day as he gets ready for his kidney transplant. Gavin’s family and friends have come together and helped raise $95,778.67 (as of 2/15/07) to help offset the cost of Gavin’s transplant and transplant-related expenses. Visit for more details on Gavin’s journey.

Gavin’s mom Jill and my wife Kristin put together this video to celebrate his first birthday. Check it out and visit and donate to help Gavin celebrate many more birthdays.

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Still having a blast!

I cannot believe it’s already been a month since I started my new job. Guess the old adage about time flying when you are having fun is true. I am having a blast at my new job and it is an awesome place to work. In addition to truly loving what you do at work and your co-workers, having a view like this really helps make it an awesome place to work.

View from my desk

The view from my desk overlooks Lake Michigan, Discovery World and the SummerFest grounds which host the World’s Largest Music Festival.

By the way, we are hiring developers. If you’re interested in learning more, drop me an email using the contact form on this blog and I can fill you in and provide additional details.

Here’s to third place!

I found a really interesting article in The New Yorker magazine via Matt’s blog. The article is a must-read but here’s the article in a nutshell: Focus on profitability and not market share as market share doesn’t always lead to profitability. The article looks at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and how Sony rules the video game marketplace with the Play Station and Microsoft is closing in with the XBox. Nintendo is languishing in third place but its stock is up 65% this year and because Nintendo is not trying to rule the entire industry, it’s been able to focus on its core competence and actually make money. Microsoft’s game division is losing money while Sony is barely making any money. Here is an edited quote from the article:

Companies that adopt what they call "competitor-oriented objectives" actually end up hurting their own profitability. In other words, the more a company focuses on beating its competitors, rather than on the bottom line, the worse it is likely to do. And a study of the performance of twenty major American companies over four decades found that the ones putting more emphasis on market share than on profit ended up with lower returns on investment; of the six companies that defined their goal exclusively as market share, four eventually went out of business.

There are lot of companies out there that should play to their strengths while recognizing their limitations instead of trying to be everything for everybody.

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Here’s To New Beginnings

New Beginnings are awesome – It’s already been a week at my new job and I am having a blast. After more than 7 years at my old job at Strong and then Wells Fargo (acquisition), it’s great to be doing something different. I love change, especially if it’s the right change for the right reason. I love new challenges and the opportunity to prove yourself all over again and I am getting that in my new position.

I have a lot of great memories from my 7+ years at Strong and then later Wells Fargo, which acquired Strong in January 2005. It was an awesome learning experience and I had the pleasure and privilege of working with an incredible group of people. I miss a lot of people there but it was time for me to move on and I absolutely love my new job. I don’t mean this in a pejorative sense but after working for a large company, it’s great to work for a small company again where you can have an immediate impact. Large companies view risks differently as they have much larger constituencies and tend to be a little more risk averse than a smaller, entrepreneurial company. So here’s to new beginnings, a new year (almost), good health, and world peace. 🙂

Holy Bandwidth – Take 2

Just signed up for something called Road Runner Turbo which is the faster version of Road Runner cable Internet service that is supposed to provide up to 8 Mbps downstream and up to 512 Kbps upstream. And the results don’t disappoint – Here is my bandwidth minutes after the upgrade:

Holy Bandwidth - Taka 2: Bandwidth after Road Runner Turbo

Here is the before speed-test snapshot I had taken a couple of months ago. The download is almost twice as fast and the upload is at least 100K faster and close to 500kbps in other random tests.

Upload/Download Bandwidth at home

PS: Speed Test conducted using the Speakeasy Speed Test flash application.