I am such a loser :)

Discovered EgoSurf via. Steve Ruble’s blog and so I gave it a shot and scored 9130 points. I need a life 🙂 The idea is simple – You enter your name and your blogs web address and EgoSurf searchs google (MSN, Yahoo, Technorai, Del.icio.us also) and finds links to your blog which is used to calculate your ego ranking. Pretty interesting and a great way to kill a few hours at work 😉 EgoSurf is the creation of Jason Hyland.


F*** You iTunes!

iTunes, my default music player for everything is starting to piss me off. The new feature where it stops downloading podcasts because you haven’t listened to a particular podcast in the last few days is really annoying. Have you experienced this? If you don’t listen to a podcast for a few days, iTunes stops downloading the latest episodes and annotates the subscription with a ‘!‘.


Clicking on the ‘!‘ brings up this wonderful dialog box:


I know someone thought this would be a useful feature but it is really pissing me off. Why not offer an option in the preferences for this? If you can’t manage your own subscriptions, let iTunes do it but if you have a brain and a big hard-drive, I’ll download anything and everything you tell me. Wow. That was harsh – I really must be missing Hani’s bile now that he’s good team player and part of the JCP 😉

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