Links for November 6th through November 9th

Hadoop – 100x Faster. How we did it… – After two years of development, tens of thousands of lines of Java, Scala and C++ code, multiple design iterations, several releases and dozens of benchmarks later, we finally built a product … Continue reading

Links for September 15th through September 23rd

For 2nd Generation of Surface, Tweaks From Microsoft – On Monday, Microsoft introduced a second generation of Surface tablets with only subtle adjustments from the originals, a sign that the company still believes in its vision of devices that blend … Continue reading

Links for August 19th through August 29th

Why Microsoft .Net failed – Microsoft tried, but it couldn't win the hearts and minds of developers who weren't already indoctrinated — and it alienated others along the way CSS Sprites vs. Data URIs: Which is Faster on Mobile? | … Continue reading

Links for June 1st through June 12th

Guava – simple recipes to make your Java code cleaner – Here are some simple examples to encourage to use Guava Library in your code. The Guava project contains several of Google's core libraries that we rely on in our … Continue reading