A Profile In Courage

You’ve heard the old adage about how adversity builds character? Like many others, I believe that a person’s character is simply revealed when they are faced with adversity. Case in point – Pat Shanahan. Pat was a co-worker and a friend and he passed away a few days ago after a courageous fight with cancer. Even when it was obvious that he was going to lose the battle to cancer, he never asked for any sympathy. He came into work like nothing was wrong as he wanted to contribute and he never asked for any special treatment. He didn’t make a big deal about his illness and was kind and patient as we asked him the same stupid questions over and over again. He was a great guy and everyone that knew him loved him. He will be truly missed and all of our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Please give generously to the American Cancer Society or LiveSTRONG or any organization that works to fight cancer. I wish the pharmaceutical industry would spend more time working on things like cancer, diabetes, parkinson and other diseases instead of more pills of ED, or yellow toe nails or restless leg syndrome or dry eyes.

cancer, diabetes, parkinson