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ATOM vs. RSS – Why can’t we all just get along?

I can’t believe we are arguing about a syndication protocol that’s not even supposed to be human readable but we are and it seems like the whole RSS vs ATOM debate is going to continue.

Dave Winer just launched a new website called Really Simple Syndication, a site devoted to helping non-tech users learn about RSS. While I hope the rational behind the site is to help purveyors of RSS, I can’t help but think if this isn’t another salvo across ATOM’s bow. As you probably know, Dave Winer is credited for shepherding RSS to its current format. Dave has done a lot for RSS and the whole idea of syndication in general, but the current state of RSS is completely fractured. With 7 different versions of RSS that are incompatible along with ownership issues, a group of people launched ATOM as a new, open format to replace all the flavors of RSS.

I blogged about Bill Gates’s comments on RSS earlier in the week and I wonder if people are just making a big deal out of nothing. I guess maybe I am contributing to it by blogging about it – More fuel to the fire. Sam Ruby has an entry entitled Détente that includes some great discussion points in the whole ATOM and RSS debate. Joshua Allen has a nice blog entry entitled RSS Politics on the whole matter. My hope is that W3C accepts ATOM as a candidate recommendation and Dave Winer and Sam Ruby work together to create ATOM 1.0 that includes the best of RSS and ATOM, without RDF.