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EVDO – How I love thee!

So I’m stuck here in Kansas City airport on my way to San Francisco and I not that upset as I have my trusty Sprint EVDO card with me and I’m getting an average of 1 MB download speed. Who needs WiFi when EVDO gives you all the bandwidth you need and it’s almost everywhere. I have been getting 1 MB from my Sprint card consistently and the connection seems as reliable if not more so than the standard 802.11x connections I typically use when I travel. EVDO rocks! 🙂

Avvenu Does Rocks – Sharing your data made easy

I first read about Avvenu on Russell Beattie’s blog a couple of months ago.  In his blog entry, Russell looks at Orb, SoonR and Avvenu for remote-access services and ends up selecting Avvenu. Read his blog for more details on how he ends up picking Avvenu, which he describes as the easiest, simplest, yet most useful of all the services.  Since I’ve had mixed results with a combination of remote-desktop, VNC, CVS and other solutions, I decided to give Avvenu a shot. 

Avvenu is a free service that allows you to remotely access your home or office PC or as many computers as you wish from any other computer or mobile phone.  In addition to getting to your machine(s), you can also easily share files and photos with other people.  To enable sharing, you install the Avvenu client on your machine and it sits in the task-tray and manages connections for uploads or download.  Access to your computer is protected by SSL and a username/password combination.  You can also selectively share out one file or one folder or your whole computer to anyone.  You control who gets access and for how long. Your guests see exactly what you have shared and nothing else. The people with whom you share don’t need the Avvenu client nor do they need to sign up for the Avvenu service – To view or download the file(s) you have authorized as shares for them, the person only clicks on the link sent by e-mail.

One of the nice features of Avvenu is the use of HTTPS as the transport protocol.  This makes is easy to tunnel through routers, firewalls and internal NATing schemes.   Here are some screenshots of Avvenu in action on my machine:


The screenshot above shows off the ‘homepage’ for my machine and displays all the drives that are available to me remotely, when I’m logged in as me.


This screenshot shows me a file I am about to download when I’ve drilled into my drive.

If you need to access your machine remotely, you cannot go wrong with Avvenue.  I’ve been using it for the past 2 months now and I don’t what I would do without it at this point.  Besides a few simple tests, I haven’t played with the mobile side of Avvenu but that’s another awesome feature set that opens up new avenues (pun intended ;)) for being productive remotely.

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I want the Broadband EVDO Router

I was just reading Scoble’s blog entry that talks about EVDO and his experiences and one of the entries in the comment caught my eye. David Rupp pointed out the Kyocera KR1 Broadband EVDO Router that has built In WiFi and basically rebroadcasts EVDO over WiFi (using 802.11g). In addition, it offers 4 10/100 Ethernet ports and works with a ton of EVDO cards. This is awesome and I can’t wait for these devices and EVDO services to become mainstream

I have been testing EVDO services with Cingular and Sprint using my phone (Bluetooth DUN) and I am getting an average of 300k-400k which is not bad, but it would be nice to keep the phone and have 1MB + bandwidth that the dedicated EVDO cards offer. Best of both worlds.

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I want the new Motorola Moto Q

I’ve been reading about the new Moto Q on Gizmodo and Scoble’s blog among others and I really really want one. Motorola announced the Moto Q, a new Windows Mobile Smartphone that’s going to be available in Q1 2006. This beautiful device will feature Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone, full QWERTY keyboard, 5 way navigation and thumbwheel, 320×240 Display, MiniSD, Bluetooth and a 1.3MP Camera.

I love my Audiovox SMT5600 phone but I’m trying out the Motorola MPx200 to see if it’s any better. Since I have to wait till Q1 of 2006, I guess I better make the best of my Audiovox phone. I really love my Audiovox phone as it has pretty much everything I need. The Outlook integration is great and the camera is not bad for being a phone camera. I love the email and MSN IM integration capabalities but I haven’t played with the Java capabilities of this phone. It will be nice to have the bigger screen of the Moto Q for browsing. I just hope AT&T/Cingular offer this phone right away.