Daily del.icio.us for Aug 16, 2007 through Aug 21, 2007


Daily del.icio.us for Mar 09, 2007 through Mar 10, 2007

  • Ajaxian – Compressed versions of Prototype – John-David Dalton has spent some time compressing Prototype in a couple of ways to keep your download time to a minimum.
  • jsjuicer – jsjuicer is a free tool for safely reducing the size of your JavaScript files. Reducing the size and number of the JavaScript files included in a web page will enable it to load faster
  • SDN Channel – Spotlight on Open Source – Did you know that Sun contributes more than $200 million per year of intellectual property to the open source movement, in dozens of open source projects? The company?s historical contribution tops $2 billion (Kudos to Sun)
  • www.hungtang.com – Java and IDEA: deadly tandem – I have been doing Java development for about 6 years now. It?s amazing to think that I have stuck with it for this long but I strongly believe Intellij IDEA has a lot to do with my seemingly never-ending devotion. Simply put, this product rocks?just l
  • FiveRuns – Web 2.0 Systems Management – FiveRuns makes monitoring, analyzing, reporting and predicting the behavior of critical business systems painless.
  • A Roundup for “Developers, Developers, Developers…” – So, I decided to make a compilation of products that developers may find useful. There?s a little bit of everything in here – some are still in private beta, but still worth mentioning