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Webinar> Spring Framework in WebLogic Server 9.2

BEA is hosting a webinar on September 20, which will discuss the existing integration points between WebLogic Server and Spring and what is coming down the pipe for Spring 2.0, WebLogic Server 9.2 and beyond. The webinar will also discuss new technologies introduced with WebLogic 9.2 that support the use of the Spring Framework and how they work with Spring to make your development easier. The webinar will be hosted by Andy Piper, who worked with Rod Johnson and crew to implement the initial Spring support in WebLogic and the MedRec example to illustrate best practices in developing Spring application under WebLogic. The new version of MedRec that’s Spring enabled was re-architected from an EJB-based architecture to a Spring-based architecture for the handling of transactions, data access, and remoting.

Declarative Caching Services for Spring

Declarative Caching Services for Spring by Alex Ruiz — Caching is an essential practice that improves the performance of enterprise applications. In this article, Alex Ruiz demonstrates a declarative caching framework for Spring 2.0, which supports pluggable cache implementations.

spring, spring2.0, caching, aspectj, AOP, SpringAOP, XStream

Using the Java Persistence API with Spring 2.0

Using the Java Persistence API with Spring 2.0 by Seth White — The Java Persistence API (JPA) and the version 2.0 release of the Spring Framework form a powerful combination. Author Seth White uses an updated version of BEA WebLogic Server’s medical records sample application to show how Spring 2.0 and JPA can be used with WebLogic Server.

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