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Welcome to my blog. I am a developer geek that lives in Brookfield – WI (Milwaukee), making my living as an architect/developer, spending all my time with Java, JavaScript, Cloud (AWS & Azure), iOS, Android, Linux, open source, the art of software development as well as new and emerging technology. In my spare time, when I am not in front of my computers writing code, I spend every minute with my other loves: My wife and daughter, books, music, guitars, gadgets, and Formula-1 racing.

In my real life, I am an accomplished and results-driven Technology Leader with over 20+ years’ experience and substantial success in directing enterprise-wide software development, engineering, and architecture in the education, manufacturing, financial services, and investments management industries, from large global multi-nationals to small entrepreneurial companies. I apply clear direction, achieve and exceed targets through effective planning and technology optimization, and leverage innovative thinking in solving complex problems. I use a data-driven approach to decision-making, cultivate trusted partnerships with key stakeholders and develop and inspire high performing teams to success. I maintain professionalism and integrity and I am committed to service excellence.

The views expressed are mine alone and do not represent the views of my current and any of my previous employers.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Vinny,

    I am also an architect/developer in Brasil and I looking for some good books (among other resources) to learn more about JAAS e and security in Java, and how best apply them in our projects.

    I saw your review at Amazon. Which books can you recommend to me?

    Just to give you an idea, our goal is to get into SOA development, providing services in Java/EJB, and I am concerned on how to secure this services.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hello!
    I am searching high and low for someone with software programming skills to help me where noone else can, I do not know anyone in my circle of aquatences with programming skills, which is slowly discuraging me, and the worst part is im 100% dedicated to spending my intire life learning and creating with computers, I took the first step about a year ago.. before that i used the game builder engines found in alot of games, such as starcraft, never winter nights, sacrafice, etc. those allowed me a start into what WILL become my future in designing software, i then (as i was saying) learned delphi, that was made into a game creation program ‘Game Maker’, and this was perfect to create menues and card games, tests, and anything else simple I could think of. check my upload site to get an idea on some things i made: http://esnips.com/web/gml-publicgames

    You seem to be very busy and to have a contact thats sort of on the path i am, would be fatastic! thats all i need, just a friend in the world i want to become part of, and dont get me wrong software design game design are two diferent things, yet they both are equal in my mind, and will both be part of my goal.


  3. Hi Vinny,

    Could you please suggest me some books or articles where i can find the summary of what to use when – i mean so many frameworks/technolgies are floating around and i am totally confused about when to use what or i will put it another way around “what all parallel technoligies are availaible to achive particular task”. lets take an example of JAXB and Castor both are some what related technologies to achive XML binding.

    I know this may look wierd to you but it would be great help if you can guide me a bit. I am quite new to this java world!

    Mohit Manrai


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